Vegan Tofu Mughlai Paratha

Recipe Source:

I saw this recipe on a facebook video and it looked amazing! A delicious twist to the original recipe where I substituted paneer with Trader Joes super firm tofu. Also I used ready made flour wraps (also from TJ’s) and they were tasty as well!

Some tips on the modifications:

  • Use a vegetable grater to grate the tofu after drying it with a paper towel
  • I used double the amount of spices from the original recipe as it was tasting a bit bland for our taste
  • When folding the wraps, make sure you seal it fully and use a low flame to cook the wrap so that it sticks and stays that way when you serve
  • Serve with your choice of dips / spreads and be creative. We used some ketchup, hot sauce and mint flavored mayo