Vegan Panang Curry

Recipe Source:

If you love Thai food, you surely must have tried Panang Curry which is a featured dish in most restaurants. Most Thai curry dishes are very easy to make vegan since their base is coconut milk and Tofu really absorbs the curry flavor well.

The recipe I found online looked very promising but I was not able to find the same curry paste at our local store but I found a decent alternative in while foods:

Some tips from my experience:

  • Don’t use the instant pot for this recipe. The vegetables ended up being overcooked rather than staying slightly crunchy. Next time, I will just use the stove top method
  • A good proportion for paste is 14 oz coconut milk -> 1.5 tbsp of paste. If you like it more spicy then you can increase the amount of paste

I got a “3 star” rating for this dish from my hard to please personal food critic (my son :)) and that level of rating is pretty rare for my cooking.