Vegan Quinoa Stuffed Peppers

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Quinoa stuffed peppers

Seattle is experiencing a snowmageddon right now with all schools shut and people going stir crazy trapped at home. While I have not lived in many places with a lot of snow, even a bit of snow in Seattle causes the entire city to shut down as we just don’t have the infrastructure to deal with it.

Being trapped in cold, called for a hearty baked dish and I found this amazing recipe which was easy to make and had very little prep time. Some tips:

  • We used smaller peppers rather than full size so I adjusted the proportions to be half of the original recipes. That easily made around 15 peppers
  • It is super easy to make quinoa in the instant pot and takes literally 2 minutes of pressure cooking time.
  • Instead of nutritional yeast, I used some daiya vegan cheese for added flavor