Vegan Falafel Wraps

Recipe Source : Falafel – and Tahini –

Delicious Falafel

Falafel is one of my favorite things to have at a Mediterranean restaurant so for this week I decided to give that a try. There was more expectation on this meal as some of my friends who have been following my progress on this blog were going to join us for dinner. As usual the recipe from Caitlin was really easy to follow and the end result was super delicious as well. My personal critic (my son) gave it a 4.9 / 5 stars! I think he feels that I will stop working hard if he awards me a 5/5 🙂

Some tips from my experience:

  • I used a vitamix instead of a food processor and it was a bit of a challenge since the mixture kept getting stuck at the bottom. I had to keep rotating the contents every few pulses to make sure that I don’t end up with hummus
  • We tried 3 different ways to cook the falafel balls. Deep frying, Aebleskiver  pan and baked. To be honest, they all tasted great with the baked ones being the most healthy of course
  • We also made some homemade Tahini sauce to make sure that the wraps don’t taste dry
  • To add an Indian touch to the wraps we also used some homemade green chutney which added a good spicy kick to the wraps

Here is a picture of the final product and it’s always good to wrap it in foil so you can enjoy the falafel wraps without it falling apart. All the adults and kids liked them and they tasted as good as any restaurant we have tried so far.