Vegan Orange Tofu Buddha Bowl

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Even though I have been eating Tofu for many years, I am always looking forward to new recipes and marinades. I stumbled upon this recipe on YouTube and looked really good. Also I have never been able to make baked tofu taste good but I think I have finally found the secret!

The orange sauce was an absolute delight and super easy to make. Here are some tips from my experience:

  • I used store bought orange juice instead of fresh and the recipe still turned out great. Try to find a brand which just has orange juice as the ingredient and nothing else
  • Squeeze out as much water as you can from the tofu before marinating as this will give better flavor and reduce the cooking time as well
  • I doubled the quantity of nutritional yeast as 1 tbsp did not seem to coat the tofu well enough
  • I almost baked these for 50 minutes and turned them at 15, 20, 15 minute intervals

Finally to make the buddha bowl, I stir fried some veggies and served with brown rice. The end result was consumed in less than 10 minutes with my personal critic (my son) rating the recipe at 4/5. Hope you enjoy this recipe as well!