Gujarati Thali

Gujarat is a state on the western coast of India and is known for it’s rich and diverse culture which is embodied by festivals like Navratri and of course delicious and unique food. My family is originally from Gujarat and I am definitely proud of this heritage. This weekend we had several friends coming over for dinner and my wife (a great chef!) decided to make a traditional Gujarati Thali. The Thali concept is pretty famous around different parts of India and is served in steel plates / bowls and usually includes unlimited food as well!

Gujarati Thali

These were the amazing things that were part of our Gujarati thali:

  • Undhiyu – A very unique dish made with eggplant, purple yams, flat green beans and slow cooked in a paste made of coconut and garlic
  • Dal – Gujarati dal is usually tangy and sweet and usually has peanuts for added flavor
  • Cabbage – A dry cooked vegetable with traditional Indian spices
  • Paneer Masala – Fried Paneer in a rich tomato gravy
  • Khaman Dhokla – Soft and fluffly steamed side dish made from chickpea flour
  • Kachori – A deep fried spicy snack
  • Patra – Another unique Gujarati side dish which is made with coating and steaming Colocasia leaves with a spicy chikpea flour paste
  • Roti – Traditional Indian flatbread
  • Thepla – Traditional Gujarati flatbread made with Fenugreek leaves

Here are some more pictures and close ups of the wonderful meal which everyone enjoyed!

Thali – Usually served in steel plates and bowls
Khaman Dhokla