Vegan Burger – Aloo Tikki

Spring is around the corner and the hint of warmth in the air reminded me of BBQ. While it is not yet time to open up the grill, I decided to make some vegan burger patties today. Found this great recipe for an Indian spiced burger patty and the pictures were looking too good to not try this recipe. Aloo Tikki means potato patty in Hindi and is a commonly found burger in India. In fact the McDonalds in India has this in their menu as well!

I had never made patties from scratch before and I must admit that it was a lot of work. however the end product turned out to be super delicious so it was worth the effort after all. Pair it with some cold Stella and you have a winner.

Some tips from my experience

  • I used the instant pot to boil the potatoes (6 medium sized) and it took 3 cups of water and 18 minutes of high pressure.
  • I used almond meal instead of breadcrumbs and it turned out great
  • I tried to make the patties thick but they were harder to cook and flip as well. Play around with that so that they don’t crumble as you cook them

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