Acai Berry Bowl

If you have never had an acai berry bowl, you need to drop everything and try this out. Trust me you will not be disappointed! With summer in full swing, the acai berry bowls are the perfect meal or snack.

Making the bowls is really easy and the main thing you need is frozen acai berry paste which is readily available in most stores. I use this brand and bought a pack from my local Costco:

  • Blend the frozen berry pouches with almond milk, coconut water or fruit juice
  • The base needs to be smoothie like so make sure it does not get watery
  • Put the frozen puree in a bowl and top it with any fruits of our choice. I used Bananas, Mango and Peaches
  • Add your favorite granola for a crunch
  • Top if off with coconut flakes or chia seeds