Grilled Tofu skewers with spicy peanut sauce

Grilled Tofu Skewers with spicy peanut sauce

I have used Tofu in way too many dishes and love the way it tastes but somehow I have never been satisfied with the grilled tofu flavor. The taste is usually okay but does not wow for sure. I recently came across an article where the author was raving about a particular tofu press which changes the game. I have tried pressing tofu before under a heavy cast iron skillet wrapped in kitchen paper towel but that never changed anything. I read some more reviews and finally decided to give this contraption a try. I can certainly vouch for this product as it truly changed the flavor and texture of tofu!

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Once the tofu is pressed you can marinate it anything of your choice depending on what flavors you like. For this recipe I decided to try the soy based marinade suggested in the recipe below and it turned out great. A trick I learnt from my sister for making great skewers is to really pack the things as close as you can and make sure that the veggies and tofu are of the same size. This will ensure that grill touches everything evenly to get the perfect grill marks and flavors. Happy summer and enjoy grilling!

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