About Me

If you want something you don’t have, you have to do something you haven’t done

I came across this quote on a fitness website and has always been my inspiration. It’s simple yet powerful and applies in all walks of life. Try, Learn, Grow is a collection of ideas which I hope inspires you to try something new and learn from that experience.

The blog contains posts about Technology, Fitness, Nutrition, Recipes, Travel and Random Stuff. That might seem like a random list of things put together but there are good reasons for that.

Technology – I am a product manager and have worked in the tech industry for the past 12 years

Fitness / Nutrition – I have lost 30 pounds and constantly struggle to keep things that way

Recipes – I like to cook Vegan dishes from different cuisines.

Travel – Our family has been fortunate enough to have the chance to see some fantastic places in the world.

Random Stuff – A tinkerer at heart, I have done a fair bit of DIY home projects and have unsolicited parenting advice that I like to share

On a personal front, I am originally from Mumbai, India and am fortunate enough to be living in the beautiful pacific northwest now with my family.

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